If anyone has yet to notice, World Hum, released their new design today. With so many travel magazines kicking the bucket over the past few months, it is nice to see at least one publication that is growing. I didn’t mind and kind of liked their layout before, though I think the new design is a major upgrade.

On a side note there are a slew of new articles up, including one by Anthony Bourdain and their compilation of the 40 Greatest Travel Songs of all time, which includes a quote from yours truly.


  1. Another thing of note – WorldHum had stopped accepting submissions in the last few months, but they have restarted again.

    But with some changes. Their earlier submission terms indicated that they pay $100 or more per article. Now they have some vague payment terms – \’You may be compensated for the Works that you have contributed subject to World Hum’s policies on the date of your submission. However, you acknowledge and agree that World Hum is not obligated to compensate you, and do not have an expectation of any payment.\’ See https://www.worldhum.com/info/submissions/

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