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Friday Roundup

TGIF! I’ve gathered an assortment of this week’s travel publishing news from around the web, to keep you clicking through the weekend… ~ Wheeler and Wisner share opposing opinions on the value of travel guidebooks (via The Long Trip Home) ~ Gridskipper on The Fodor Supremacy ~ Catch Frank Bures’ World Hum interview with Experimental […]

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If you didn’t find what you were looking for on the Summer Reading List, then give BiblioTravel a whirl — maybe you’ll discover the perfect book to take you away… BiblioTravel was created by two librarians to provide a free online resource for identifying stories that are set in distinct locales. As of yesterday, it […]

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Summer Reading List

I know there are tons of summer reading lists floating around, but I thought the folks at Transitions Abroad deserved special props for putting together a unique selection of travel books to choose from. Parts of their July/August issue are online, but as far as I could tell, not this list. In the print version, […]

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Market Leads 0 comments on Pology Magazine

Pology Magazine

Pology was started by Neil Schwartz in March 2005. His thoughts on the creation of this new publication: Too much of today’s travel writing focuses on where to stay, eat and shop, but I’m convinced that there is a breed of traveler out there that knows getting lost and having the details unfold spontaneously is […]

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Market Leads 0 comments on Far Flung

Far Flung

Erik at Gadling mentioned the new online magazine Far Flung a few months back, and I finally found some time to poke around on the site. First thing I came across was this article by Canadian writer Rory MacLean: In Search of Wonders: the elusive art of the modern day travel writer. Written as Rory […]

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Market Leads 2 comments on From the BnA Boards

From the BnA Boards

Some good leads have been posted recently on the BnA Travel Writing Forum, and Court started a new Leads string last week. Here are some highlights I’ve noticed: 1) Call for Writers for Greenline Travel Publications, specifically looking for writers living in Amsterdam, Hong Kong and London for their Fun Seekers Series. 2) American Way […]

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